Thursday, September 3, 2009

Work out stuff

This is a trival post, so stop reading now if you aren't in the mood.

I go to the gym, but am still a "newbie". I struggle through the allotted 45-60 minute cardio.

Every other workout I attempt the weight lifting program. I always feel weak, but noticed today how others do....

1) I lift 170 lbs on the leg press. I saw a man downsize it to 90lbs.
2) I lift 70 lbs on the leg extension... but someone else downed it to 40lbs.
3) Each of my butt checks lifts 110 lbs on the Glute machine. I saw a "hottie" young woman only do 50lbs.
4) OK... I only do 50lbs on the Fly and 70lbs on the chest press. And only 20lbs on the bicep curl and tricep extension. (Wooo Hooo ... don't look now, I'm getting ripped on my upper body! :)

Now, I do not think of myself as in shape or strong in any sense of the words. I'm always surprised at how little I can do compared to the rest of the gym members. But, I wonder if I am nearing normal range on the weights?

My cardio needs to improve greatly. I have a bum ankle - sprained over a month ago. So I end up having to use the stationary bike instead of the treadmill. Seems ok. I sweat a lot. But I still wonder if I'm doing enough. Oh well, "some exercise is better than none" I guess...

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