Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I don't have cancer!


Yes, I was EXTREMELY worried. When the doctor tells you they found "an area of concern" on your test, it scares you. Very much.

Glad to report that after more tests, it was decided that I DO NOT have cancer. Whew! I didn't realize just how worried I was until the weight was lifted from my chest. I can breathe again. :)

Do the Happy Happy Joy Joy dance with me!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The joy of new construction

Last weekend, I was bitten by the Spring / Summer bug. I spent hours cleaning our screen porch, hosing down the patio, and cleaning all of the outdoor furniture. I'm looking forward to quiet evenings on the porch, or sitting in the sunshine on the weekends.

Today, a builder began digging in the lot behind us. Crap. Our porch is already getting hit with lots of blowing dirt. And it will continue with dirt and construction dust and debris for the next 3-4 months. So much for backyard cookouts this year. Right now, I've got a great view from my patio of a big dirt pile. :(

If a family was happy about building their dream house behind me, I might be able to be less selfish in my thoughts. But the builder is putting up another spec home and doesn't have a buyer yet.
And to top it all off, the builder is constructing the house very deep on the lot and close to our backyard lot line. This will make it only more difficult for us to sell at a later time, and it will give me a great view of their house from our patio.

I'm very disappointed today. And crabby.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My sturdy left breast..

Who knew?

I went for a mammogram last week. I don't believe it when women say it's a "little discomfort". It plain HURTS. If someone only feels "discomfort", then I feel sorry for her lack of breast stimulation!

Anyway, I digress. I went into the room for the films.
The right breast was done..
Top to bottom pancake - click.
Side to side pancake - click.

The left breast was put into the vice grip...
Top to bottom pancake - NO CLICK.
Let's try it again!
Wait for it.... NO CLICK.
And again...
And again...

By this time, the woman was distressed that I broke the darn machine. (I always knew my breasts were small, but never thought of them as MIGHTY!)

And may I say that I was not pleased also? When the machine senses it took an image, it automatically releases the vice tension on your breast. However, when it DOESN'T take an image, it stays locked TIGHT in place until the technician comes over to crank your breast free! Ouch!!!!

Anyway, we end up going into another room with a different machine to finish the left breast films. Finally!

And what happens today? Oh, the clinic calls and asks me to come in for MORE films of my left side! (This is very normal, so don't freak out.) But really, how many more pancake-like smashes can my little teeny breast take??

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam!

My youngest child, Adam, turned 18 yesterday. Wow... all of our kids are now officially ADULTS. Here's to you, Son...

In 2000 at the British Virgin Islands with Ashley.
Typical hamming for the camera at age 10.
A favorite pic of ours... Lee and Adam having a "guys' day". Age 11.
After a football game last year. Notice the stitches on his forehead... earned from running head-first into the goal post. Age 17.
I love you very much!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sexy Clean

A man that cleans the house is downright sexy! There's just something about seeing a man with a vacuum cleaner, working hard to save me time, that makes me smile.

I came home today to find my husband cleaning the house. He was just finishing vacuuming as I walked through the door. What a GREAT surprise!!!

My house hasn't been cleaned for weeks... so this was no simple "touch up" cleaning job! And he's tall, so he cleaned things that I sometimes let slip... like dusting the range hood fan and the tops of window and door frames. I don't really want dust up there, but if it's above my line of sight, I may not notice it as much as the dust bunnies on the floor.

I have The BEST husband in the world. Not just for today's cleaning, but for so many, many reasons. (I better not enumerate, otherwise our kids will feel compelled to post snarky comments.) I love you Honey and THANK YOU!!