Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gift or Coincidence?

I was crabby and down the other day. I'd like to think that God sent me some gifts to cheer me up, but it could have merely been coincidence.

I saw a flock of geese. They fly with such precision. They flew low and I watched them land in a field to feed. I love hearing them "honk".

I saw a deer. He was just standing majestically in a field as I drove down the road. Peaceful, strong, silent.

I saw a fox. A fox! She "pranced" out of a group of trees and stopped short of the road. I've never seen a fox up close before. They are very beautiful. I saw the fox right in the village limits, which made it very surprising.

My crabby, pessimistic attitude was turned around. I saw the beauty of nature and felt lucky to have seen it. I noticed the sun, the blue sky, the light clouds, the green grass and trees. Our world is filled with beauty if we take the time to notice. It made me smile and happy for most of the day.


Anonymous said...

They make drugs to help with all of that....

Fern608 said...
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