Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wisconsin Road Trip

I travelled from Madison to Hudson WI and back over the past two days. That's nine hours of driving for those of you that don't know the geography. After a while, the radio stations are limited to religious or country programming.

1) I listened to Relevant Radio. They stated that if a politician believed in the right to abortion that they are "not doing anything for the common good". I heard a five year-old boy ask "Why did God create the world?". The voice was innocent and sweet - it made me smile. The answer was totally useless and not understood by the boy.

2) I heard a song with lyrics that went:

"God is Great. Beer is Good. People are Crazy."
You decide if I switched radio stations.... :)

3) Do the people picking their noses in their cars really think we can't see through a window?

4) I saw a lot of adult novelty stores and places to buy fireworks. Next time I take the trip, I will count them.

5) I saw the beginning of autumn colors. Sad that it is an early sign of summer fading, but pretty too.

6) I saw a huge McCain-Palin sign in someone's yard. Someone needs to tell them the election is long over.... and they lost.

7) I saw a Bison. (Not the animal - the Bison Transit semi-truck.)

8) I saw AT LEAST three statues of a mouse holding a wedge of cheese....

9) I saw a small older farm house tilted at a 45 degree angle. It was still standing, but I can't believe it is safe to live inside.

10) I saw SpongeBob Square Pants! (Not the real one -- only a picture on a billboard.)

11) When did Home Depot and McDonald's begin advertising together? Is there something about buying plumbing supplies that make people crave a Big Mac?

12) I only saw one old semi-truck used as a Kwik Trip sign. Always cool, no matter how many times I drive by.

The only way I keep from falling asleep on these drives is to look for unique stuff....

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Anonymous said...

- I see your picture I read your words and I feel I know you.
- I hear your thoughts and feel your energy though we are very far away.
- You seem to be a special soul although hurting some.
- You are kind and gentle but neglected I fear.
- None of my business it’s just that your words touched me
- So someone out here cares for you although far far away